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Artwork Label


Conceptual work selected in YICCA 2017 and exhibited in Rome (Italy), at the “Museo Fondazione Crocetti” in the period between 18th to 29th November 2017.
This piece is intended as an ironical advocacy of conceptual artists.
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In Artwork label the concept, whose delivery is an aim dear to the conceptual artist, is explained through the artwork itself. What is usually found aside the art piece, as a label, has been decontextualized and now takes the canonic place of the painting, becoming itself the object of attention of the observer. The piece consists indeed in a description of itself that provocatively limits the wild interpretations that often follow from disregarding the artist behind her/his esthetic language. In fact, the roles result swapped: the concept is no longer suggested through an esthetic expression, but instead, it could be perceived as an artwork only by its explanation and location.