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This painting is a metaphor, revealing in ideas, colors and forms, the state of ecstasy, how it feels. The metaphor is filled with many details, not only conveying this state in feelings, but also related to the memories of the ecstasy of other ...
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Experimental work / 2018

Awards: ArtAscent Distinguished artist 2019

Thinking: metaphor;

Size: 92 ✕ 130 cm;

Material: canvas;

Application: high-tech printing in pigment ink from a digital original;

Limited edition: in a single instance. This painting is protected from fake;

Packing: tube (sold only canvas with a painting)


This painting is a metaphor, revealing in ideas, colors and forms, the state of ecstasy, how it feels. The metaphor is filled with many details, not only conveying this state in feelings, but also related to the memories of the ecstasy of other people, and the cultural aspects that have arisen in this regard.


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