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Dance of love

Oil on Canvas, 90 W x 100 H x 2.5 D cm
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The painting depicts the scene of the completion of the dance.. when the couple, having danced and spun in a stormy dance, fall to the floor.. and you can hear their rapid breathing..

Couple dance is harmony.., it is the feeling that someone needs you, that they are waiting for you, that they can protect you..
The feelings of a man are especially pronounced. He is just so in love that he has completely dissolved in her.. and he will definitely not give his love to anyone.
Such feelings are familiar to me, and it is easy for me to depict it on canvas..
I wish everyone to experience these feelings. It's fine.
I wish everyone to love and be loved.


Original created: 2021

Styles: Impressionism, Figurative, Modern, Portraiture

Medium: oil

Materials: Canvas

Frame: no frame

Packing: Ships in box

Signed and dated front and back.

To protect the painting, it is supplied in multi-layer packaging: kraft paper, bubble wrap, fiberboard sheets on both sides, cardboard box.

All original artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.