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Gea Gold


- Technique: Iron sculpture
- Artist: Julio Galan
- Conditions: New. Exclusive piece
- Title: Gea Gold
- Dimensions: 153cm x 96cm
- Unique piece
Sales price 4000,00 €
Base price 4000,00 €
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Gea is a very special piece, made through a rigorous handmade process  by the Spanish artist Julio Galán. This piece brings together different techniques, high relief in which the artist present seek a connotations of nebula radiographing the figure of the horse. It also seeks to produce in the piece a feeling of radiance brought by the gold leaf that covers part of the piece with an aspect of weightlessness, since the contrast between both colors generates the sensation that the bust of the horse is floating. On the one hand a black surface with a soft, round and smooth appearance ... and on the other the golden body covered with edges, compositional lines, hard edges and ridges.