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José Antonio Higuero is a Disabled and Self-taught Artist, from Spain.
He is a Cartoonist of Comics as well as a Contemporary Art Painter.
When he was 18 years old he read a book by Pablo Picasso, loved his work and wanted to dedicate himself to Contemporary Art. Since then he has participated in contests of City Councils and Associations for the Disabled, winning prizes. His style of Contemporary Art Painting is Neo-Expressionism, with which he identifies himself, although sometimes he paints in a Realist style. He draws portraits of characters with vivid and pure colors in Neoexpressionist style with wax on paper, which is the technique with which he expresses himself best. With his painting he intends to go deeper and deeper into expressionist art and find everything that interests him in man and search in the soul of every human being that he intends as a spectator to reflect and find himself in every drawing, in every painting, to ultimately find himself.
His favorite artists are Pablo Picasso, Jean Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Antonio Saura, Karel Appel, Alfonso Fraile and Juan Barjola.

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1985. 2nd Prize for Drawing and Honorable Mention for Painting. II Youth Contest of Plastic Arts of Andalusia. Junta de Andalucía. 1993. 3rd Prize for Painting in the I Contest "AL MARGEN"-93. 1998. 1st Prize for Drawing in the III “AL MARGEN-98” Contest. 1999. Prize-acquisition of work in the IV Contest "AL MARGEN-99". 2002. Prize-acquisition in the V Contest "AL MARGEN-2002". 2007. 1st Illustration Prize. "I Bipolar Disorder Illustration Contest". Astrazeneca Foundation. Madrid. 2008. 3rd Prize for Painting at the 51st National Painting Salon “Ciudad de Ayamonte”. Ayamonte Town Hall. Huelva. 2015. Painting Award in the National Painting Contest "PuroArte". FEASFES. 2016. Acquisition in the I Contest of Artistic Expression and Mental Health. Seville. 2017. 2nd Prize for Painting in the VI Prize for Plastic Arts. ANADE Foundation. Honorable Mention in the VIII IVASS National Painting Contest. 2018. 2nd Drawing Prize in the XI Art Contest "Soy Capazitado 2018". Santander City Council. 2019. 1st Accesit in the IX IVASS National Contest. 2020. 2nd Drawing Prize in the XII Art Contest "Soy Capazitado 2019". Santander City Council. 2022. Painting Prize in the 3rd Artistic Expression Contest "Art to heal the soul". Mental Health Andalusia. Seville.


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